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Full moon gathering : Black Narratives

Within the context of the Biennale de l’Image Possible and the full moon, we are pleased to join forces with the wild laboratory of experimental research Unbewitch Finance and the Cabinet de Curiosités Economiques they curated for the event. 

The full moon gatherings are moments of joining together, discussing, sharing experiences, experiments launched by the laboratory and its friends and open to everyone.

How do BIPOC artists take on the world of the future with respect to their past and present relationships with cultural institutions? This question will be at the center of this full moon performance. Emmanuelle Nsunda and Fallon Mayanja have carte blanche.

Fallon Mayanja

Based in Paris and Lisbon, Fallon Mayanja works with sound art and performance. Her work explores political sounds and body language nested in digital crevices. She questions the role of the voice and the role of silence in electronic practices, and she uses discussion and music and transformative tools for alternative spaces.

The Black Narratives project takes shape as a performed conference, presenting work from various forms of poetic narration (video, poetry, music, performance, etc.). These works follow a logic of counter-representation, bringing us to question hegemonic means of production. The conference is a dialogue between and with those who discuss their racial and ethnic experiences—and their characteristics—through their artistic productions. By addressing the multiplicity and gaps between the artistic and media expressions of Black populations, they make it possible to see these practices as spaces contributing to the visibility of stories, experiences, Black culture and anti-racism. Spaces within which the production and means of production are made available as forms of knowledge and social transformation strategies.


Emmanuelle Nsunda

Emmanuelle Nsunda is a cultural event producer and a decolonial activist. Since 2017 she has led the Afrofeminism in progress project, which created safe spaces for discussion around the experiences of Afro-descendent women and the power dynamics that affect their daily lives. She navigates through different culture Belgian spaces, where she holds workshops and trainings on privilege and offers women-only workshops for Afro-descendent women.



Fallon Mayanja, Black Narratives.
Fallon Mayanja, Black Narratives.