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The project

Founded in 1991, Voix De Femmes is an intersection of arts, cultures, and feminisms.

The association's activities are centred on its commitment towards women artists and gender minorities, all origins and all disciplines taken together (music, film, theatre, plastic and digital arts, etc.).

Thebiennial festival, the inaugural event of Voix De Femmes, is the most representative example of the endeavour: it is the ultimate place for encounters, exchanges, and sharing of artistic projects. Based in Liege, it travels regularly across Belgium.

In 2016, this commitment to the artists gave rise to the Curieuse Résidence: an annual, multifaceted artistic support programme devoted to exploring an artist or a group.

Beyond supporting artistic creation, this residency is also about seeing culture as a powerful vector of emancipation and social progress. We are convinced that giving visibility to the diverse practices and commitments of women artists also helps improve representation or even – fingers crossed – inspire women to follow this path.

And it’s not only about listening and watching, but also (especially?) sharing, appropriating and “creating oneself”. Born over 10 years ago from a strong commitment to open to a wide public, the workshops and encounters that Voix De Femmes (and its many allies) offers today address all those who both care about gender quality and respect and value cultural diversity. These activities draw on artistic and cultural practices that make it possible to collectively build creative responses to the societal challenges that we care about and live through.

In real terms, Voix De Femmes is a cobweb of events, workshops, encounters and collaborations that are all heading in the same direction: to encourage and supercharge the voice and words of those who we don't hear, and – why not? – clear some paths or, at least, cut through some thickets.

The team


Emilie Rouchon · she/her
Flo Vandenberghe · she/her

Education Permanente & sociocultural activities

​Catherine Wilkin, project manager · she/her

Lise Noirhomme, administration and LSFB projects · she/her

Board of directors

Morgane Batoz-Hergès · she/her
Hélène Defosse · she/her
Tiffany Lasserre · she/her
Jean-Luc Rongé · he/him

Festival 2023

Caroline Bertolini, communication manager · she/her

Lise Noirhomme, production manager · she/her

Hélène Defosse, press officer · she/her


Rue Saint-Thomas32
4000 Liège (BE)

T: +32 (0)4 257 48 14