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03 > 04 | June | 2022

"L’Esprit Vieille" (“Her Old Spirit”) -as borrowed from artist Leonora Carrington’s delightful response she made to an admirer who would have liked to lock her up in eternal youth- opens the feature pages of the latest issue of Panthère Première magazine.

We take “Her Old Spirit” with us on a weekend. In her company, we invite you to think about what is or will be a passage, a way of being in the world, for all of us. The programme includes a talk, an exhibition, and a writing workshop.

25 > 27 | May | 2022

Parties are back, but they way too often bring along troubles as well.

The Safer Space(s) workshops mix creative writing and typography for us all to affirm and display our needs for places where we can go out to party and enjoy ourselves.

This workshop will be led by Camille Pier (writing) and Muriel Vanderborght (typography).

22 April > 04 June | 2022

With our partners, we offer you a new series of meetings and workshops to continue to dive into the vast and exhilarating field of feminist self-defence. The programme includes a focus on the issues specific to two communities: women over 50, and deaf and hard of hearing people.

14 February > 31 December | 2022

Our new resident is definitely curious. Based in Brussels, she has developed an artistic practice at the crossroads of dance (she studied at P.A.R.T.S.), performance, video, photography and arts programming.

This year, we’ll support her on a writing project that borders on a documentary, fiction and performance: « Les Filles de Seolmundae Halmang » (Seolmundae Halmang’s Daughters - provisional title).