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The Compagnie Paulette Godart's first play!


We are totally, absolutely thrilled: our Curieuses Résidentes 2017 are taking off with their first project "Où est Alice ?",in January with Théâtre de Liège.

Lara Persain and Catherine Wilkin, actresses, adventurers and activists (AND the Voix De Femmes teaching staff), founded the Compagnie Paulette Godart within which they have constructed a theatre within the scope of performing arts and social issues. In a personal script, they explore the human’s place in a contemporary society, trailing contradictions at work in the notion of adaptation, as well as the reasons driving marginalisation and isolation.  

A fiction inspired by various facts and in-depth interviews, the show centres on the decisive encounter – an encounter that would change their lives forever – between Laura and Sylvie, two beings living in precarious situations. Camping incognito in an underground parking garage, a strange and tense relationship develops between the two women, opening a quest at the heart of their parallel identity crises. Symbolic keys will be extracted to solve the riddle of this non-linear back-room show that questions what gives us life. 

Halfway between Depardon and Lynch, "Où est Alice ?" is a social and surrealist thriller biting with dark humour. Questioning the hidden side of the world to, maybe, get out of an eternity...

So... to the box office!